The Breaking 80 Golf RangeFinder features laser technology for accuracy and precision, as well as dual-mode operation.

With Flag Mode, you can lock onto to the pin from 250 or more yards out. Use Scan Mode for up to 8 seconds of continuous scanning to determine the distance to several objects at once.

The Breaking 80 line-up of golf rangefinders features a variety of models to match your individual needs:

  • 400 Model – Scan objects more than 400 yds away
  • 600 Model – Longer distance scanning of over 600 yds
  • Both 400 and 600 models are available in a slope model for enhancing your game on hilly courses
  • Variety of colors
  • Compact


breaking80_box_features_no_header                                        breaking80_dimensions




We stand behind what we sell. Every Breaking 80 rangefinder is backed by a full 1 year warranty. In addition, we offer the industry’s only lifetime replacement plan. After the initial warranty expires, if your unit should stop working for any reason, it can be replaced for only $99*.




Visit us at Breaking80RangeFinders.Com to learn more about this line of quality products and score some serious savings by buying directly from the distributor.



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